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Running jobs trend

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MonALISA information Version: (JDK )
Running on:
Administrator: <>
Service health NTP: n/a, offset:

Services status
ClusterMonitor: n/a
PackMan: n/a
CE: n/a
CE info:
Max running jobs:
Max queued jobs:
Proxies status AliEn proxy: n/a (n/a)
Delegated proxy: n/a (n/a)
Proxy server: n/a (n/a)
Proxy of the machine: n/a (n/a)

Current jobs status Assigned: n/a
Running: n/a
Saving: n/a
(last 24h)
Success jobs: 0 (profile)
Error jobs: 0 + 0 expired
kSI2k units: 0 / pledged
Site averages
(last 24h)
Active nodes:
Average kSI2k/core: n/a

Storages status
Name Status Size Used Free Usage No of files Type ADD test

VoBox health CPUs: x MHz
Mem usage: % of
Sockets: TCP / UDP
CPU usage
(last 1h avg)
User: 0%
System: 0%
IOWait: 0%
Idle: 0%

Int: 0%
Soft int: 0%
Nice: 0%
Steal: 0%
AliEn LDAP var VoBox path Size Used Free Use%
TMP n/a n/a n/a n/a
LOG n/a n/a n/a n/a
CACHE n/a n/a n/a n/a
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